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LiveJournal Text Messaging Center

Support, Development and Maintenance

LiveJournal Text Messaging Support
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LiveJournal Support
Revised 2005-08-17


This community is devoted to the development and enhancement of the paid account feature however membership is open to all LiveJournal users and everyone is welcome to join! Paid account holders are certainly more encouraged to join or at least add lj_textmessage as a friend in order to stay aware of feature updates and any issues that may occur. Typically this is the only place where text message related news will be found on the site...it's a good idea to keep an eye out!

How does the text messaging feature work?

Generally speaking LiveJournal is able to send text messages using a mobile email address or via a carrier's messaging webpage. Keep in mind though that LiveJournal cannot support any web messaging sites where a login is required to send. For more information on how the feature works, please visit the FAQ here.

Support Areas

The following links will help find the answers to many common questions you may have.

So when do changes actually happen?

Community updates are posted as necessary to let everyone know whats going on with updates, issues, etc. As it stands, there is no general timeframe used in the development of new versions to the LJ::TextMessage service. Perhaps one day we'll get more timely with release dates. You may also access previous community updates here.

What if something is wrong?

Tell us about it! We won't know there's a problem unless its posted and unless its posted it can't be fixed. When making any entries or replies please make sure:

- to name the service provider in the subject line, if any

- not to give your personal info such as full mobile numbers, passwords, etc. If necessary, email us such information following your post.

- always keep in mind who you're commenting to and what it is you may be saying. Often many comments are found asking for support but they were replied to other users in the thread and then usually never answered. We really aren't blowing anyone off, we just don’t know of comments made to others, especially if its an older post.

Lastly, any feedback or suggestions on the LiveJournal Text Messenging service are gladly welcomed. Feel free to send us email letting us know.

idigital - iicarrii
LJ::TextMessage Development Team
Ultimately, it is the user's responsibility to know what mobile services are/aren't available to them and how they work.
Please keep this in mind, regardless if asking for new service or if you're having problems with an existing one.
Anything outside the functionality of the SMS feature provided by LiveJournal should be verified with the service provider directly.