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Status Update

We've gotten our second code submission. Keep 'em coming, people. :)

A request: as I am temporarily without any real or reliable internet access, is there someone out there who could assist me in testing the new version? I don't need it yet, I'd like to get a few more providers, but late in the week - Thursday, say - I'd like to have a 'code freeze' and do a couple of days of testing and then this weekend wrap it up and put out our first release. At that time if anyone's interested I can also release my 'packaging system' - it surely could be improved if anyone wants to take a look at it, I'm definitely not the greatest software designer nor coder, by a long shot. And hey, any beginning coders out there might find it interesting to look at. Again, to repeat my disclaimer: I am not a programmer by profession nor disposition - I enjoy doing it from time to time but my skills are sub-par at best.

Anyone want to write a test script, by the way? If not, I will, but basically, it should load in the module, have a way of choosing a provider to test, have a way to input the relevant info, and send a test message.

Also: we need to start lining up test dummies - guinea pigs, line up in order of height and provider, please! ;)

Providers needing to be tested:
- uBoot
- Vodafone UK
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