Brad (ibrad) wrote in lj_textmessage,

Cricket service support

My Cricket service gives me unlimited text messaging, so I was trying the lj text message service, but when anyone attempts to send me a text message it gives an error about the web gateway for the Cricket service. I'm not sure if it has changed, or what, but I thought I would post. I'm willing to test.. I am bored and here all day if anyone wants to text me (regarding the lj text message thing or not).

* The name of the service is Cricket, and I am in the Omaha/Lincoln, Nebraska, area.
* The URL of the page is, the script sending it is Odd little system, requires you "agree" to the SMS TOS by clicking a link before it sends...
* The address of the recipient is phone number.
* 160 character limit
Tags: cricket communications
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