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A suggestion and some info by tenbaset - thanks. :)

quoth he:

I *REALLY* suggest you look at

mtnsms is a generic gateway to all GSM networks. .

GSM, in case you don't know, is an international cellphone standard.
Popular in Europe, and around here (New Zealand) I believe it is
increasingly common in the states. It features international roaming. (You
can take a phone from New Zealand to Malaysia, the UK, the states (if it has
the correct frequency band support) and a number of places, turn it on, and
you're connected.) This means that GSM is its own international network,
which means that one web-gsm gateway connects you to so many different GSM

This one website covers 204 networks, in 85 countries. Sure, it may be
non-trivial to get going, but blimmin heck, it's worth it.

(unfortunately, I'm no perl expert, so I can't really help.)

But, I notice somebody's doing orange in the UK. Covered by MTNSMS.
Somebody else mentioned it for Moscow. BT Cellnet in the UK, and Vodafone
UK covered too. (And it's free. So, while my provider, Vodafone New
Zealand, has a web gateway, they charge. MTNSMS don't, so people use them
instead...) All sorts of European providers. China. Hong Kong. Malaysia.
Vodafone lists recognised network
prefixes. (eg: +6421 is vodafone new zealand. The 64 is simply the
international dialling code for New Zealand, the 21 is vodafone. (it's an
area code. Other codes for other things, like Auckland land-lines are 9)

Thus, my phone is +64-21-[snip]

(and is the main website / logon.)

Basically, this single site covers Europe, australisia, Africa, Asia...


You might also want to look at the sms gateway on ICQ. but I can't seem to get the email -> SMS working
There's the ICQ web-sms gateway which also looks promising. It might be
easier than mtnsms, but I can't be sure.

Sorry if this sounds a bit patronising. not sure how aware you are of GSM &

Feel free to email back with any questions.. I'm probably overoptimistic,
but mtnsms certainly covers New Zealand. Oh, and on Livejournal I'm known
as tenbaset. Don't mind being a guinea pig, so long as you're not overly
merciless... :-)

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