Melinda (eternallynumb) wrote in lj_textmessage,


I'm really sorry if this question has been asked and answered already, but I've looked everywhere on the LJ site and can't seem to find the answer.

My cell phone, a Nokia 3390 Gold, is coming in the mail on Tuesday. My father has graciously decided to add a new line to his Voicestream/T-Mobile account for me to use until I get my credit in good enough shape to get my own account. Anyway, to see if the feature would work for me, I entered his information into the text messaging area of my user info. I and some friends of mine sent several test messages over the course of the last few days, and I received none of them. I tried setting the service provider to both Voicestream and T-Mobile, and neither of them worked.

Does anyone know what's going on with this?
Tags: voicestream

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