Abigail (crayolaab) wrote in lj_textmessage,

More on UK Vodaphone

I posted yesterday about text messages to a UK Vodaphone mobile, and the replies were not that useful. The suggested post talks about receiving text messages via a website, which I know nothing about. The way my phone works is that you type in a text message into the mobile and then send it to the telephone number of the mobile. I have not found anything discussing a website used to send text messages?! and when I went to the website suggested in the comment on the previous post, I could not find the service listed there either.

My question then becomes: how do I enter the mobile number in my personal info section? I selected "other" from the list of providers but wasn't sure how to enter the mobile number - do i enter it as you would within the UK, or do I have to add the country code and drop the 0?

Any help would be much appreciated!
Tags: vodafone - uk
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