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Megafone - Moscow

I use Megafon Moscow. Can you do something?
Megafon allow to send messages from . There is 160 symbols limit (standart GSM-Alphabet SMS). There is a check box on the page. You have to leave it checked. If you uncheck it, message will send in UTF, so there would be 70 symbols limit.

Let me translate some words from Russian and explain to you some fields.

"Номер телефона" - Telephone number
Megafon Moscow has two type of number. One begins with +7 095, other with +7 926. You need to check the type in the first field (list). In the second field (text) you have to put last 7 digits of the number.

"Сообщение (максимум 160 символов)" - Message (maximum 160 symbols).

"Использовать транслитерацию" - I don't know how to translate, but i already explained you what does this checkbox do.

"Осталось xxx символов" - You can enter xxx symbols more.

"Отправить" - Send
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