Eclectic Rubbish (foobar) wrote in lj_textmessage,
Eclectic Rubbish

LJ::Textmessage Status

Well, I've gotten my packaging scheme set up and tested and everything seems to work quite nicely. I've already incorporated one addition (from tsutton) and am eagerly awaiting more. :)

Once I have a permanent internet connection back (in a week or two... damn Northpoint!) I'll start writing additions myself, but at this point I can't stay online for long, so I can't afford the time online to research the details of the various services. Until then, I need everyone's help even more than usual - so please, take on any open requests and let's see just how fast we can clear these up.


P.S. Those non-perl coders out there can still help a lot! Go online and research the details of the various requests (i.e., addresses, urls, form fields, max field lengths, etc.) and post them up! That'll save the perl coders out there precious time and will let 'em concentrate on cranking out code. Thanks!

(Frankly, the researching part is the most time-consuming by far, the actual code needed to incorporate a new provider is minimal.)

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