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Getting back on track

After the various technical issues caused from Goathack blowing up combined with the madness of yet another holiday season, we're finally able to resume development as normal. As long as Frank doesnt get out again to chew on the wires, we should be good to go. :)

We're now working to finalize the 'T-Mobile fix' which will include support for England and Germany. We had planned on including some other regions but were unable to find anyone to test the code for us. So if youre using T-Mobile somewhere other than UK, Germany or US then let us know and we'll work it out.

We mentioned the possibility of including changes for Alltel / Cricket / SunCom:
- Alltel appears to be working so theres no change.
- Cricket support will be removed due to restrictions with their website design. We'll look into the possibility of adding them in the next version.
- SunCom has a minor change that will be included.

Once fix1.4.8.1 is completed we can start working on the next version for all the recent requests we've received thus far.

Thank you for staying patience during the recent tech issues we've had. Things are now back to normal!

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LJ::TextMessage Maintenance Team
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