Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_textmessage,

Text Messaging: T-Mobile


I can't seem to get the text messaging feature to work.

I am using a (German) service called T-D1. The company that sells this service is called T-Mobile; hm, okay, so you have two things listed there: One is just "T-Mobile", the other is "T-Mobile (formerly One-2-One)". On your Info Page, you mention that the "T-Mobile" one sends an e-mail. I don't think I can receive e-mails on this mobile phone, so I guess this isn't the one.

The other one, "T-Mobile (formerly One-2-One)" asks me to enter an 11-digit phone number. However, my mobile phone number has 12 digits. I have entered it correctly, but text messages don't appear to be received.

I'm really confused why you think it should be 11 digits. Phone numbers in Germany are never a fixed length; it depends on a lot of factors.

So, can anyone help me get this to work? Thanks in advance.
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