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LIVE - Version 1.4.8

Good News!

The newest release of the LJ::TextMessage module is now live and available for paid users on your User Info page!

As a reminder, the following changes are included in this release as mentioned in this previous post.

BeeLine GSM
Blue Sky Frog
Centennial Wireless
O2 (formerly BT Cellnet)
O2 M-mail (formerly BT Cellnet)
¤ T-Mobile (formerly One2One, Voicestream)
Verizon VText (Added for name familiarity only - Is identical to the existing 'Verizon Wireless')

BT Cellnet (replaced by O2)
One2One (replaced by T-Mobile)

Alltel now sending to @message.alltel.com
Arch now sending to @archwireless.net
USCC to read as US Cellular, not Verizon Beta

¤Please be aware that we've discovered a bug with T-Mobile which may or may not effect those of you using their service. As many of you know, T-Mobile has had various changes over the past few months and now we must build regional support accordingly. Please rest assured that we've already begun to correct this ASAP and we will post the community as soon as we have a timeframe for the fix. In the mean time however, remember you can choose 'Other' on the User Info page and enter in the complete email address used to text message your device. In any event...we are working the fix with priority as you've been waiting long enough for these changes as it is and now you shouldn't have to wait even longer. Sit tight...we will post an update toward week end.

Over the past few months we've spent a lot of time cleaning up the community and all three of us appreciate your ongoing patience plus we thank you for working with us to add/test new providers. Going forward things around the community should run much smoother plus we are gradually making changes to lj_textmessage in order to be more helpful and informative to LJ Users. Not to mention that updates will certainly occur more frequently too. ;)

Should you find any other problems please let us know and we'll check into it. This also includes any past issues that were never fully addressed and/or resolved. Since we now "own" the process overall it's easier to keep track of things so if we happened to have missed something during cleanup just holler at us.

Again, thank you for continually being patient and also for not tossing any objects at our heads. We hope you enjoy the changes we've made.

Thank you for using LiveJournal.com!

iicarrii - idigital - 22dip
LJ::TextMessage Development Team
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