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I had an idea.. Dunno if this is in development already or not. or if it was pitched already.

I figure I will risk flames and just post this..

I would like to see a way to send journal entries from cell phone text messaging.

Obviously, this will require 2 major things.

1: security setup
2: gateway to post to.

Security could be done by simply sending a random auth code to the cell phone and then entering that code once recieved.

As for a gateway, a special email address could be created that will post the message, using default journal settings.

On the security side of that, I would suggest a random code generator create a 8 to 10 digit alpha-numeric email addy unique to the user.

Obviously, this type of service would be for paying customers. Just a thought, cuz I know when I am out there are certain things I would post.. "IF I ONLY HAD A WAY!!" :)

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