Gavin (halkeye) wrote in lj_textmessage,

Rogers AT&T PCS

A while back ago i mentioned that the Text messaging support though Rogers AT&T PCS is quite useless as it doesn't ever say who sent it.. whats the point of making it registered users only if it doesn't say who sent it..

Now i wrote code a while back for 2 different methods of getting this to work...

ntang seemed to either misplaced, ignored, whatever to these solutions.

I contacted support a while ago to see if it was changed, and got told to come here..

Well... so again... If a username is suppllied, it should let us know somehow..
right now i get:

[ Message ]
[ Sender: ]
[ Subject:
LJ ]
[ Sent:
Oct 1, 2002 03:75:58 pm ]

eh.. sorry for the anger.. but i've had this since january, brought it up a few times, and has had nothign get done...
I don't care where the orogiinal name is attached, but it needs to be somewhere

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