thevoicewithin (thevoicewithin) wrote in lj_textmessage,

Is it possible to have added to the list? I believe that the other o2 regional websites support email to txt as well, but I cannot verify details for them.

Txts are sent to

A txt sent to this address would arrive in the following format (tested using lj's send a text thingy):

email address: (f:username) message

So the lj email address would use up 29 characters (including the : and space).

The username would take up usernamelength+5 characters (including the space at the end).

Which leaves 160-29-5-usernamelength for the txt. So, if we take thevoicewithin as the username we end up with 126 characters. None too shabby.

If you need any other info please ask.

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