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Wanted: one maintainer

Hey. I need one or more people to take over 100% of the maintenance of LJ::TM for a while. The next 2 months - September and October - I will be so busy I probably won't even be bothering to read email regularly let alone read LJ and work on code or try to help people. My professional workload is going from "full" to "insane", and my home life isn't exactly going to be a walk in the park, either.

I tried, honest, but it's just been impossible for me recently. I figure at the end of October, I'll re-evaluate; if I have the time then and the temporary maintainer has had their fill of things, I'll take over again; if I'm still busy or the temporary person finds out they really enjoy the slot, we can talk about making it a permanent change.

If you want it - and that means all of it - then let me know. I'm assuming I'll get some bites from you guys, but if not, I'll open it up to lj_dev in a few days and then will just basically let it rot until someone picks it up or I have some semblance of sanity and/or time for it.

Sorry to do this, I know I've been pretty pathetic about if for the past few months, but I've really been hoping things would calm down in my life to the point where I could pick it up again. At this point, I've realized that while they may calm down, it's not going to happen in the next two months, so rather than just let it all fall apart, I'm offering it up to you guys. Sorry, I know I've done a crappy job recently. Hopefully my replacement will do better.

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