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Cleaning up LJ::TextMessage

Hey everyone -

Over the past few days, when time has allowed, Ive been trying to clean up some of the problems. By now you shouldve all at least received a response if you were having trouble - If not, then holler again and it will be looked into. We will be more timely about getting back to you now too. :)

If the One2One option isnt working for you, you may have to re-register for the service at T-Mobile. They do require all One2One users to register with T-Mobile, even if you had text messaging previously as One2One. That said, check their web site and make sure everything is as it should be. If youre still having trouble afterwards, just let me know and Ill look into it.

Yes, I found the problem. Arch uses various messaging platforms and they are now consolidating them and phasing some out. Until the fix for this goes in - you can try emailing yourmobilenumber@archwireless.net. If that works, you can choose Other on your Personal Info page and enter the whole email address for the time being. However, I dont know if @archwireless.net will work for all users once Arch finishes their changes. Never hurts to try, right?

Now, I must start packing. Ill be in Vegas for the next three days on a very much needed mini-vacation.

Have a good coming weekend!

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