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Vodafone Customers read this!

Right I've cracked it! You can receive text messages on your mobile through LJ as long as you have the following

1. A WAP handset (ie mobile internet)
2. A Vizzavi account

To get a Vizzavi account goto www.vizzavi.co.uk and register. If you are a new customer access your account and activate it. There will be a 24 hr period before you can receive mail and your account to be fully operational

From here go into OPTIONS then EMAIL NOTIFICATION, turn on text message alerts. You may need to register your mobile if you've not already.

*mobile registration, you will be sent a 4 digit code, this doesn't set WAP up on your phone, it only allows you to receive text messages to your handset*

Once this has been setup, leave about 30-60mins and send a test email to your Vizzavi account, you should get a text message saying you have an email from someone and the subject field.

Right you are now ready to set up the LJ side

choose OTHER as your SP and enter your mobile number as your username@vizzavi.net (ie I am g4zz4@vizzavi.net)

Send a test text message, you will get a sms saying "You have new mail, FROM: Livejournal@livejournal.com"

Next you need to read it. You can go onto a website and read your email through the email function. Or if you have WAP and Vizzavi dial up. If you don't have WAP access dial 19855 from your mobile to be routed through to Vizzavi tech support.

Dial up into Vizzavi, then into EMAIL & CHAT, then into VIZZAVI EMAIL you should see you have new email. read it and it should be from Livejournal@livejournal.com with a subject something like PDT. The body of the email will say (f: and then a name of who sent it, ie g4zz4), then the text message itself.

example you send a text message from test to yourself, with the mesage reading test, you will get an email from Livejournal@livejournal.com, with the email reading (f:test)test

This does work, its long winded but I've tested it. If you need any further help with this I'm willing to offer it. I work for Vodafone & Vizzavi so I can help :)

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