Marta (redgilda) wrote in lj_textmessage,

Texting in Poland

hello there, I just got a Paid Account (FINALLY !!!) and I was wondering if there is anyone willing to test the Polish text messaging service for my provider so that I could use it on LJ..

the name is - Idea Centertel as their websites really sucks they don't even have the SMS gate in English:
I don't think there is a way to send Text Msgs through email either:(

Here's a pic of what the gate looks like with translations.

they say the message can be 631 characters long but then *I* would receive like 10 msgs at once and since there is a limit of 10 messages a day I think anyway - that would mean that they would all be used right away. (?) I'm not sure of all this.

The point if that I don't even know if it's worth bothering you guys with this (as much as I would love to see the text message option in my userinfo), as this website doesn't even always work!:( it says the message was sent but then it gets delivered to my cell after few hours.. so yeah. let me know if it's worth a shot. thanks.

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