Quality! (quality617) wrote in lj_textmessage,

I have an Arch wireless account with a Motorola talkabout pager, which allows two way messaging. I have tried the paging option with no luck, it states unable to access that page. www.arch.com/message which I believe is the gateway lj looks for will go to the web page and request a pager number, but after entering the 10 digit number, it wants you to continue. It then procedes to www.arch.com/cgi-bin/wwwpreproc.exe where it carries the pager number over and allows you to enter a message. I'm not quite sure how to write the link to carry over the information like the pager number and the text info to the web site, so I'm not able to experiment too deeply. But I will guinea pig for someone who can suggest how to accomplish this or if you have time to investigate. My pager is 8662998437 and I'm available from about 5am (eastern standard time or -5 GMT)till about 4pm then again from about 8pm usually throughout the night. Any help or any guidance in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Art Laurie
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