Tony Sutton (tsutton) wrote in lj_textmessage,
Tony Sutton

uBoot - bad news

uBoot is ending their free text messaging services. Here's their announcement...

all good things come to end..
free text messaging is over & out. the network operators have massively increased sms wholesale prices and thus free sms from the web is simply not affordable anymore. that's the bad news. we were faced with an existential question: "to be or not to be?" we have found an answer to this question and we are sure you'll like it. that's the good news. we'll just have to make better things.
uboot plus is now even cheaper: only 83p per month. in order for you to avoid worrying about sms expenses, we have come up with an flat-rate sms tariff making uboot plus the ideal service for sms freaks.

Should we keep the uBoot in LJ_Textmessager, seeing that they will continue the service with monthly fee? Maybe they will change the coding? We shall see...

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