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Work to do

Here's a collection of the last few requests I've gotten via email. Everything from before these should've been handled already. All those willing volunteers, here's a pile of work for you to do.

my service provider is with suncom.... they are part of the at&t wireless service.. but the info for text messenging is different...
they use


instead of the address you have listed for at&t on the live journal site.
just wondering if this could be added and i would be glad to help out if you need it. thanks.

Hello could you add cellular south to the test messaging

its the: telephone number @csouth1.com the character limit is 160

ive tested and it does work,

anything else ??

SunCom - associated with AT&T I think.
By email: @sungram.com
120 character limit

By web page: http://www.suncom1.com/sendmessage.asp

Only fields are sender's email addie, phone # (10 digit), subject & message.

Please help me my LJ profile is Midnite
ive called sprint it works fine form there end but from Lj no deal ??

thanks for yer time ..

Ok, I have my cellular service through U.S. Cellular
(in fact, I work for the company) and was hoping to
get this set up. Anyway, how it works is fairly
simply. E-mail format messages are sent to:


no dashes, or anything like that. just the number as
one long number at that address. Ok? It'd be great
if that could be set up, and if you could let me know
if/when you can get it done. Thanks for your help!


sent an e-mail earlier about how to use US
Cellular's text message service. I was looking
through some of the other instructions, and realized
that you can do more than just the e-mails for this
sort of thing. I wanted to mention that the Web form
goes through much faster than the e-mail, so if you
could find a way to do that instead, that would be
great. The address to the form is under
http://uscc.textmsg.com. I believe the restrictions
are also listed on that site. Thanks for your help!

i have a suncom phone out of north alabama. the text messaging feature for this service is your 10 digit number@suncom1.com.

My cell-service provider is suncom (www.suncom1.com)
and I believe you can use the same info as AT&T Wireless for
their SMS service, except the domain will be @suncom1.com

All i know about my provider is this link :


i think the max you can send is 140 letters

I wish that help because i really want to use text messages with my lj

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