the original young aboriginal (teedz) wrote in lj_textmessage,
the original young aboriginal

Nextel Messaging b0rked?


It seems that messages sent via LJ::TextMessage to phones on the Nextel service don't get to destination. I'm pretty sure it's an LJ issue; Using the Nextel site, my message arrived, and sending an email to came through. It fails, however, using the LJ form -- and I've checked and rechecked my info to make sure I have the right number/service selected.

Actually, I figured it out, while typing this entry. Apparently, if I enter the number in the form of "xxx-xxx-xxxx" it fails; Omitting the dashes, however, allows it to work. This is, probably, due to code just converting $myphonenum -> $myphonenum@myprovider.

So, this post is not all for naught...

1. Any chance that we could add a line or two to the Nextel code -- either in editinfo_do.bml, or at runtime -- to chomp the dashes, if they exist? It could probably save on tech support issues, down the road.

2. I just realised that messages are not arriving from $user on Nextel, as well -- they are arriving from 'webmaster'

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