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Fixes to lj::textmessage

I realize many people are complaining about the way verizon and/or sprintpcs (and other things, perhaps, I'll review when the time comes) work. I'm aware of the problems; in some cases I've gotten leads to investigate or even outright patches - they are being collected, and I will get a new version up. You have to remember, though, I do this in my "spare time" (I use the term loosely), and it's the holiday season. On top of that, even when I do get submissions, I still have to attempt to test them or at least give them a sanity-check to make sure they make sense and will work. My goal is to avoid breaking anything with any service I post, even if it means delaying getting some fixes up there.

I won't even have access to a computer for the next 4 days; when I get back I'll be busy at first, but I will probably (no promises) have time to work on this during the weekend before New Year's. I don't get paid to do this, I do it when I can do it without interfering with the more important things in my life.

Before anyone posts another redundant request for fixes, please spend 5 minutes re-reading the archives and see if someone's already requested it, or even better if I've already said I'm working on it. It'll save everyone some time and effort.

I apologize for having higher priorities, but that's life, so deal with it. No one else has stepped up to do the work, so I'm doing it as best as I can. That's fine - I don't mind doing it, but cut me a little slack sometimes. I'll get the fixes in place as soon as I can.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Stressed-Out Overworked LJ::Textmessage Maintainer

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