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...I need some help to get the Verizon Wireless thingy changed to show the correct info.

1.) Can someone confirm to me that messages should be emailed to number@msg.myvzw.com?

2.) Can someone confirm to me that messages sent to number@msg.myvzw.com actually do contain the correct "from" address?

3.) Can someone who has a verizon wireless phone and is willing to work with me to test it give me their phone number AND another way of contacting them? AIM name is the best, but direct email works as well. Feel free to email the info to lj_textmessage@livejournal.com. If there are times I can't send you test messages, let me know. Bear in mind I'm on the east coast and tend to do most of my work at home after 8 pm Eastern or on weekends, but that I don't plan on doing this crap at 3 am either, so being free from ~8-12 eastern time would be best during the week, or anytime during the weekend.

Incidentally: is anyone else seeing this problem with any other providers, or are there any other providers giving any other problems? I'm aware of the SprintPCS problem and someone with a SprintPCS phone has already agreed to get it fixed, so that should be dealt with soon.

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