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Text Messaging issues

Ok, as I've said, I've been extremely busy and haven't had much time for lj_tm recently. I'm not exactly full of free time now, but things have calmed down slightly (and when I say that, you have to understand that I'm moving in about 2 weeks and a member of our department was just fired and I'm picking up the slack, and this is a comparatively quiet time...) so I'm going to attempt to do some work on it over the next week or two.

So: if you've posted something in here about problems needing fixing or new things that need adding, please take 5 minutes and reply to this post with the info. I know it's a little extra work, but it will help me keep track of everything a little more easily, and if possible I will try to make sure everything that gets replied to in this post gets addressed for the next release. I apologize, but it will only take 5 minutes and will make my life a little easier.

So - start replying, people, and I will start fixing and adding. I will reply to you as I finish each request so you know when it's done, and when I've either finished them all or a suitable amount of time has passed I'll put up the new version, and then in a few weeks I'll repeat the process. Yeah, it's a bit of a pain maybe, but it'll work better for me than trying to sort through dozens of posts looking for relevant info.

Also: if multiple people have a single problem (say, provider X has stopped working), please, don't put multiple comments about it. Just one comment will suffice, although if you want to reply to that person's comments to chime in "me too" I won't mind. I just want to know that all of the "top level" comments are single valid requests.

On a related note, anything that is NOT included in one of the comments will not get worked on this time around. So if you want something - reply! :)


-- Your friendly neighborhood LJ::TM maintainer.

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