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Welcome to the community, one and all.

I'm looking for one of two things out of the people here:

1.) People who can submit information on new providers and who are willing to act as guinea pigs so we can test our new additions. It won't hurt - much.

2.) People who are willing to help build the new gateways, either by collecting information on the details of the provider's gateway or by banging out the code itself. Either one is relatively easy, it just requires taking a few minutes and actually doing it.

Anyone's welcome to come and help out in either regard; all I ask is that if you say you'll do something that you actually try to keep to your word. I know, everyone has personal issues and a life beyond LJ (gasp!) but it shouldn't take much time - so try to actually get things done, and in a timely fashion. :)

So, everyone, let's dig in. I'm going to compile a list of all of the gateways that need to be configured as well as what info has already been sent in; I'd like people to start volunteering to make the changes and/or fill in the blanks!

What we need to set up a new gateway:

Email gateways:
- the email address to send to (usually
- the limit on length of subject, body, sender, etc.
- any notes on sending it

Web gateways:
- the url of the actual receiving script
- the recipient's address (usually a username or the phone/pin number)
- the same info on limits of the text fields
- any extra fields that need to be submitted to the form, along with their values
- any extra notes or comments to be aware of

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