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Text Messaging for Optus Australia Users

Hi everyone!

Optus have just recently launched a new feature called E-mail Alerts that basically forwards selected e-mails to a customers phone.

You need an SMS capable phone and an info2you account. Info2you is available for all Optus Digital customers, except prepaid users.

Go to and sign up for an account, then go to

The Optus SMS gateway requires you to set up filters, so that only messages you want will be sent to your phone. As far as I can tell, LJ sends e-mails from, so you will need to create a filter that allows messages from this address to be relayed to your phone.

Setup that filter, and make sure you select ‘E-mail Message’, then hit Go.

You can also limit the number of messages you receive per day to keep your bill under control.

Note: On this page you can set when you want to receive messages. It appears that the e-mail alerts feature does NOT respect this. You may receive messages at obscene times if you don’t silence or switch off your phone.

Now to configure LJ. Go to, and scroll to Text Messaging. Tick the box, set your desired security level, and select ‘Other’ as your provider.

In the Phone Number field, enter your Optus phone number, then If your phone number was 0411 123 456, you would enter

Scroll right down, hit Save, and you’re done! Send yourself a test message to see if you’re cooking with gas!

Note that each message sent to your phone will cost you, the account owner, 22 cents (as of 18 October 2001).




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