Paul Crowley (ciphergoth) wrote in lj_textmessage,
Paul Crowley

Not getting user information through uboot

I've signed up using the German provider uboot (, and it seems that text messages aren't accompanied by information about who sent them! Is this a known issue?

Update: I've looked at the code and the problem is pretty obvious!
    elsif ($provider eq "sprintpcs")
        post_webform("", [ ], { # no error checking
            "mobilenum" => $self->{'number'},
            "message"   => "($msg->{'from'}) $msg->{'message'}",
            "java"      => "yes",  # they mean javascript.  dumb asses.

    elsif ($provider eq "uboot")
        post_webform("", $errors, {
            "page"      => "Sms",
            "action"    => "send_sms",
            "nickname"  => $self->{'number'},
            "text"      => $msg->{'message'},
So people with Sprint PCS get the user prepended to the message, but ubooters don't. Anyone know why? This easy patch would fix it:
diff -ru LJ-TextMessage-1.4.1/ LJ-TextMessage/
--- LJ-TextMessage-1.4.1/	Sat May 19 21:59:21 2001
+++ LJ-TextMessage/	Mon Sep  3 15:33:55 2001
@@ -432,7 +432,7 @@
             "page"	=> "Sms",
             "action"	=> "send_sms",
             "nickname"	=> $self->{'number'},
-            "text"	=> $msg->{'message'},
+            "text"	=> "($msg->{'from'}) $msg->{'message'}",
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