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...I have to apologize, I meant to release this weeks ago. Things have been... busy and complicated for me. If you really want the details, check my journal.

Anyways, I've sent the latest version of LJ::TextMessage.pm to Brad. When he gets a chance it'll go live. I may have to drop out of the project just because my personal life has left me no time or energy to work on anything else else. On the other hand, it's possible no one else has the time or desire to take over, in which I'll keep the responsibility and will just release new additions when I get the chance, which will not be frequent unfortunately.

Anyways, enjoy. There are several new providers in this release and a fixed one or two. It hasn't been tested well at all, but I just haven't had the time. If you find any problems please report them to me ASAP - while I may be really bad over the next few months about adding new providers, I'll try to make fixing broken ones a top priority. (Most of the broken ones come about when the providers change the way their text messaging works, but oh well.)

I realize there were some requests for changes to go into this version, but if it's not in there now it won't make it in until next time. If your request has gone unanswered for a long time, feel free to bug me and send me a follow up email. Bear in mind though that I'm trying my best and while I may have forgotten about the request I also may just be totally overwhelmed with real life problems. So be gentle.

(P.S. The email address is lj_textmessage@livejournal.com.)

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