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November 11th, 2005 - LiveJournal Text Messaging Center — LiveJournal
Support, Development and Maintenance
Received email for support added to queue:

Hi, lj.

plz, add my operator for message in livejournal.com
// sorry my bad english

my mobile operator in krasnoyarsk
name: Enisey Telecom
country: Russian Federation
region: Krasnoyarsky kray
head city: Krasnoyarsk
web site: http://gsm.etk.ru/
email: etk@etk.ru
web site gate: http://sms.etk.ru/
email gate: number@sms.etk.ru (ex.: +790xxxxxxxx@sms.etk.ru)

about message size..
max size, 3 message in 1
or 160*3 on english charset
or 70*3 if cyrilic charset (russian text)


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