July 8th, 2003

  • kobalt

New: Vodafone Spain. Amend: Telefonica Movistar

Hi there. Hope this is the right journal/way to communicate a new service or changes in a current one.

First one is Telefonica Movistar, a Spanish mobile. It can safely be removed or marked as "it wont work". They confirmed the email-sms gateway didn't work, but didn't say when/whether it would be back up running.

A new entry for the database is Vodafone Spain (Vodafone ES):
- The email address take the form alias@vodafone.es
- The alias is one chosen when the service is activated, and the whole email
can be read thru a webmail page, or via pop3/imap4.
- The resulting sms is something like:
"Nuevo email de <[emailaddress]> a las hh:mm del dd/mm. Asunto: [subject]"
My tries with a 16chr-long email address send the first 78 chars of the
email's subject.

Hope it helps.