February 17th, 2003

Cingular text messaging


My provider is Cingular and I am in New York. I had no idea which Cingular to choose when I tried to activate text messaging with my livejournal account. I decided to try them all, so I tested each one hoping to find that one would work but none of them worked. I am wondering if there is anything I've done wrong or anything I should try. Thank you for your time!
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i'm on beeline gsm, i have a moscow number (rather than a federal one). have no problem sending and receiving on my own, but can't seem to get it to work through livejournal. what should i be entering as the number? it says to use number@sms.beemail.ru, but that doesn't work. should it read exactly as how i sms to other users, ie. +79035555555??
  • jakiah

Qwest Wireless


This might be the same issue as with sprint as they use the same message delivery gateway. There is a problem with the text message delivery with a Qwest Wireless phone. You cannot tell who the message is coming from. The "from" information dose not get included in the email, just what's in the message box. Qwest text messaging works by either sending and email to ##########@qwestmp.com or going to http://www.qwestmp.com/ and filling out the form

Orange in the UK?

I've just upgraded to a paid account so I can make use of the text message function, but I don't see Orange on the list of mobile providers which support this. This surprises me as Orange is one of the major companies here in the UK.
Can anyone give me any info as to whether I'll be able to receive messages on my phone and if I will, how I should go about signing up. (At the moment I've registered the company under 'other').