February 7th, 2003


Community Update

Hey gang - time to touch base on what's going on around here.

First off, the v1.4.8.1 "TMobile Fix" has been released into LJ land and now renamed as v1.4.9. We had a slight change in how we identify module versions, no biggie really. So the next update we've previously referred to as 1.4.9 will now actually be v1.4.10. Yadda yadda...I know...we just needed to clarify that.
v1.4.9 updates

TMobile Austria
TMobile Germany
TMobile Netherlands

TMobile UK
Cricket remains unsupported and will be removed in the next release.


We kept working to include a fix for TMobile UK but as we now understand it, text messages will soon no longer display as the actual message on mobile phones. Instead, text messages are sent to the users inbox and then their mobile receives a message indicating they've received new mail. This is why we made the decision to remove support for TMobile UK altogether. We didn't want to delay our progress any further building support for a provider that doesn't really offer PC-to-Mobile text messaging. Keep in mind that we can always re-add TMobile UK if you still want to take advantage of the LJ::TextMessage feature. After all, you're paying for this! Just let us know. And if you know something we don't, by all means clue us in.
Many thanks go to jcaswell for everything you've done to help us out with this one. You've been awesome...thank you!
Please keep in mind the changes above are not available on LJ just yet. After we release a change it takes a week or two for all the servers to update. We'll let you know when v1.4.9 actually goes public. Once it does, we will shut down for development of v1.4.10 which will include all the requests we've received up until that point. We'll recap all the requests at that time so you'll know what's to come. More on that later...

We've overcome our tech issues and development should continue smoothly. We'll post again soon once v1.4.9 goes live.

Thank you for using LiveJournal.com.

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LJ::TextMessage Development Team