January 23rd, 2003

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Hi all.
am connected to GoldenTelecom operator (Kiev, Ukraine)
they are using common sms gateway and it looks like "number@sms.goldentele.com" or "nickname@sms.goldentele.com" if u set up a nickname. maximum of symbols per message is 160. they've also got a web-interface for submitting messages, can describe it if u need. hope it'll be added to list)
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Vodaphone (D2-Privat)

We generally receive SMS (text messages) from phone to phone here, but it's possible from many websites, and most of these websites support nearly any service. The provider is Vodaphone, previously D2-Privat. (Is this the same as Vodacom??) They have a possibility for sending from their site, but you have to sign up and enter your phone number and password, so I don't know what kind of information you'd need me to get you or how you would want to do it (it's in pop-up windows, no direct URLs, which makes it even more complicated). Not sure if it is helpful of me to just give you my number and the provider (as above), let me know. I've had a paid account for a while and this never worked yet, so I looked up what info you need, but it seems difficult to get it all in order, so... assist me if you can please!