January 9th, 2003

Гори-гори моя звезда...


My service provider is MTS (Russia) - and i can't find it listed. can i still use LJ text messaging?

msgs only from http://www.mts.ru/cgi-bin/cgi.exe?function=sms_send :

To send it is possible no more than 10 messages from the one IP-address in day (day begin at 7:00), is no more often than 1 time one minute and only to subscribers MTS of the Moscow region. The length of the message can not exceed 160 symbols. At a set of the message Russian letters, it will be automatically sent by latin letters (in a transliteration).

Mobile number should be seven-digits with a prefix 7095, 7902, 7910 or 7916. For example, 7095xxxxxxx.
char limit of 160.