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LiveJournal Text Messaging Center
Support, Development and Maintenance
I just enabled text messaging, and discovered I am getting comment notifications. Is there any way I can allow people to text message me, but not get comment notifications sent to my cel phone?

Thanks for the help!

UPDATE: I put in a support request http://www.livejournal.com/support/see_request.bml?id=82880

Solved! My comments are routed to msn.com. In MSN Messenger I enabled text messaging. Verizon with MSN Hotmail defaults to sending a text message every time I get e-mail. I changed the MSN setting, should be fine.
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When I entered my phone number, there was no indication of required formatting. I put in a space after area code, and hyphen after first three digits. Bad things happened.

Once I put in numbers without space or hyphen, it worked fine.

It would make it easier to set up field to take numbers only, and put a note next to it not to enter parentheses, spaces or hyphens.
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