December 8th, 2002


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New provider request -- info gathering in progress.

Provider: Irish-based Meteor. Website for contacting:
(I currently have an e-mail requesting information from them about PC to SMS messages, awaiting a reply.)

What I've tried so far:
From my user page, I've tried (myphone), (myphone) and (myphone) in my personal information. No joy. Ditto for the "full" version of the phone number, i.e. as it would be dialled from the USA.

Next, I have managed a message to my web-based mail, via my user page, but by using "" in the number field. (The result: my provider throws away the from field (specifically, I get "(f:)". Not much good, eh?)

But no messages using the cell phone number alone, nor the number in front of, travels from my user page to either to my web-based e-mail or direct my mobile phone. (I did manage use my homebased account to send myself a message with the (mynumber), but only to the web-account. So in theory, using the phone number in the "from" field is possible. Just haven't licked it yet from the LJ side.)

As a temporary measre, I've filled the "number" field in the user information with "". Just so that the texting option can be left on with some hope of messages arriving someplace. But I'm still going to try holding out for the direct-to-my-cell-phone text.

Any pointers? General encouragement? Thanks in advance!


PS eaagh, just realized I may want to try these all again, logging off and logging back on each time. :( I will revisit this posting, when I do and if I get anything new. Thanks for your attention... this has become a long post.