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New provider request -- info gathering in progress.

Provider: Irish-based Meteor. Website for contacting: http://www.meteor.ie/custcare/index.html
(I currently have an e-mail requesting information from them about PC to SMS messages, awaiting a reply.)

What I've tried so far:
From my user page, I've tried (myphone), (myphone)@meteor.ie and (myphone)@mymeteor.ie in my personal information. No joy. Ditto for the "full" version of the phone number, i.e. as it would be dialled from the USA.

Next, I have managed a message to my web-based mail, via my user page, but by using "crazysoph@mymeteor.ie" in the number field. (The result: my provider throws away the from field (specifically, I get "(f:)". Not much good, eh?)

But no messages using the cell phone number alone, nor the number in front of @mymeteor.ie, travels from my user page to either to my web-based e-mail or direct my mobile phone. (I did manage use my homebased account to send myself a message with the (mynumber)@mymeteor.ie, but only to the web-account. So in theory, using the phone number in the "from" field is possible. Just haven't licked it yet from the LJ side.)

As a temporary measre, I've filled the "number" field in the user information with "crazysoph@mymeteor.ie". Just so that the texting option can be left on with some hope of messages arriving someplace. But I'm still going to try holding out for the direct-to-my-cell-phone text.

Any pointers? General encouragement? Thanks in advance!


PS eaagh, just realized I may want to try these all again, logging off and logging back on each time. :( I will revisit this posting, when I do and if I get anything new. Thanks for your attention... this has become a long post.
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