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June 14th, 2002 - LiveJournal Text Messaging Center — LiveJournal
Support, Development and Maintenance
I just activated text messaging with this provider (Telus Mobility), and there seems to be something annoying with how LJ sends the message. The body of the message comes through just fine, but for the From: all it ever has from here is lj@livejournal.com and not the actual sender.

I have tried changing the security level, so that the From: is filled in automagically, but it just does the same. I have also tried emailing directly to the address where messages are supposed to go, and From: comes through just fine, so I assume it is something in the code here on LJ.

Is there anyway to have that fixed? Or, if nothing else, have the link in the User Info say something like "Send {user} a text message on his/her cellphone/pager. (Please include your name in the body of the message)"?
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