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The new AT&T to offer their own branded wireless services

Correction to my previous entry - Cingular will not be renamed to AT&T. Cingular's parent company, AT&T (formally SBC), will offer their own branded wireless services that compete with Cingular - and they'll also use Cingular's network.

Cingular will remain the same, Cingular Blue (formally AT&T Wireless) will remain the same, AT&T Wireless will return but will be a different company.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
11/22/05 ATLANTA, GA (Circulation: 381,730)
"New AT&T Could Complicate Cingular's Plans"
AT&T,formerly SBC Communications,is now expected to offer some wireless services under its own name, probably starting with plans for business customers. Though this development won't affect the tens of millions of customers who use phones sold under the Cingular brand, it could be the opening volley in a battle over the future of the venture. The key is whether AT&T decides to sell consumer-oriented services, too, thus targeting the core market for the Cingular brand.

Associated Press
11/22/2005 Internet
"AT&T plans to resurrect wireless brand"
AT&TInc., the company created by SBC Communications Inc.'s just-completed purchase of its former corporate parent, plans to resurrect the AT&T Wireless brand for cell phone service provided by its Cingular Wireless partnership with BellSouth Corp. “This does not change in any way how we'll market Cingular. This is still a national brand, and they support our marketing Cingular as a national brand," Cingular spokesman Mark Siegel said. "Cingular is a well-recognized brand with a huge base of customers, and I'm sure this will be taken into account with these decisons."

Wireless Week
11/22/2005 Internet
"AT&T To Sell Branded Wireless"
SBCCommunications officially closed its deal to merge with AT&T Corporation. The combined entity, known henceforth as AT&T, rolled out its new image, complete with a new logo and a reported plan to offer a wireless service under the AT&T brand.In a Nov. 20 interview with USA Today, AT&T company chief executive Edward Whitacre said the company plans to sell wireless service mainly under the AT&T brand. "This is not a surprise, because when the Cingular joint venture was created, we anticipated (our parents) might want to offer wireless services under their own brands," says Cingular Wireless spokesman Mark Siegel."Mr. Whitacre's comments changes in no way how we will market Cingular. Our size and national presence is an advantage for our parents," Siegel says.

RCR Wireless News
11/22/2005 Internet
"New AT&T planning wireless service using Cingular network"
SBCCommunications Inc. is reportedly planning to launch an AT&T branded wireless service that will use the network of SBC's current wireless joint venture, Cingular Wireless L.L.C. SBC's plans follow the closing last weekend of its $16 billion acquisition of AT&T Corp. Contrary to published reports, Cingular said it is not changing its name to AT&T."We are continuing with the strong Cingular brand that we have spent the past five years building and promoting," said Cingular spokesman Clay Owen.
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