Taiz /タイヅ (brandstetter) wrote in lj_textmessage,
Taiz /タイヅ

Problem with Vodafone Japan (Central, or others)

Hi, I'm sorry if this had already been discussed/solved, but I couldn't find the answer I wanted.
(I have read these recent posts: this and this and skipped back some, and this one in To-Do)

Problem is, messages being sent to cell-phone were all "?:Invalid Message Text" instead of correct messages.

I'm using the service provider Vodafone Japan(Central).
Since Vodafone Japan no longer allow people to have E-mail addresses with phone numbers such as "09012345678@c.vodafone.ne.jp", currently users have "example@c.vodafone.ne.jp" addresses.
Thus, I entered my username instead of phone number in the Text Messaging area in Profile Page, chose my Provider, and send Messages to my own cell-phone. (Messages were both Japanese only and English only(non-ASCII), short words i.e. "test")
While I could receive messages as E-mail, texts inside were always "?:Invalid Message Text".
I also tried SP:Other, Phone number: example@c.vodafone.ne.jp, but the result was the same.
The Encoding they are using is ISO-2022-JP, I think.

Is there any solution for this problem?

Thank you!

And here is a list of domains of Vodafone Japan, just for your future reference. :)

d.vodafone.ne.jp <-Vodafone Hokkaido
h.vodafone.ne.jp <-Vodafone Touhoku/Niigata (North)
t.vodafone.ne.jp <-Vodafone Kanto/Koushin (East, including Tokyo)
c.vodafone.ne.jp <-Vodafone Toukai (Central)
k.vodafone.ne.jp <-Vodafone Kansai (West, including Osaka)
r.vodafone.ne.jp <-Vodafone Hokuriku (Central North)
n.vodafone.ne.jp <-Vodafone Chuugoku (Western)
s.vodafone.ne.jp <-Vodafone Shikoku
q.vodafone.ne.jp <-Vodafone Kyuushu/Okinawa

** "Vodafone Japan (Higashi)" in the SP list Page is mistake, I'm afraid. It must be "Vodafone (Touhoku)" or "Vodafone (North)". :)
Tags: vodafone - japan/surrounding

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