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Orange network UK

Ummn like Juno before me, I am also on the Orange network here in the UK...

I hafta say I'm slightly confused by all the talk of email addresses to which, or thru which SMS messages are sent...

I may be looking at the whole SMS thing too simply, but for someone to send me an SMS from their UK based cellphone for me to receive on my cellphone, no matter whether they use the Orange, Voda, BT Cellnet or whatever network, they simply send it to my cellphone number... no email address is entered, or anything other than the msg followed by my 11 digit cell phone number...

Also, for someone to send me an SMS from ICQ, they simply send it to my cellphone number [minus the 0 at the front] + my country code [44] prefix... again there is no email address involved as far as I know...

I'm probably missing the plot here, but if there is any other information I can get for you to be able to add Orange to your list, let me know what it is & I'll try & find it...

Thanks :)

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