CAESAR (stronghold) wrote in lj_textmessage,

Primtel problems

We have faced small problems in use of your service.
At use of Primtel operator, instead of words typed in the webform in cyrillic, on a cellular telephone there come only question marks.
When I simple send email in cyrillic on the email gateway, messages come in a normal state.
I want to remind you, that messages on the email gateway should come in Windows-1251 or Koi8-R codepage.

There are also some new moments.
The operator under the name of MTS has redeemed company Primtelefon and now she officially is called as MTS, but the problem consists in that MTS has many offices on all territory of Russia and it can create mess among her users. Therefore if you will change the name of the operator leave it Primtel, or make something like MTS.Sakhalin or MTS(Primtel). In any case the address of the bridge has not changed. But the new webform for sending messages through the Internet has appeared. It now

Many thanks.
Tags: primtel

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