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Status update

The most recent version of LiveJournal's Text Messaging Interface has been released and announced as part of the coming changes taking place during the next LiveJournal Site Maintenance performed.

Finally, after all the continued promises that the update really is coming - we're basically out of the woods. Once the Site Admins are done with their piece and everything is set, the LiveJournal servers will be updated to new code and changes applied. Remember - changes still remain unseen right now and are not live on LiveJournal.com. We will post an update letting you know as soon as it takes place.

More information on what steps were taken to help improve Error Handling/Messages will be explained when we announce the version is live.

Please let us know if you have any questions related to the new version or any of the changes. For requesting a new service provider or for any other problems you may be having, please make a new post to the community so we can address that on its own. Keeping things tidy in the community! :)

Thanks to everyone for understanding just how lengthy this process can be, we appreciate the patience.

Stay tuned and thank you for using LiveJournal.com.
iicarrii - idigital
LJ::TextMessage Development Team
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