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LJ::TextMessage - Updated Version!

Updates to LiveJournal's Text Messaging Service are complete and the new version has finally been submitted for release. Please keep in mind the below changes are not available on LiveJournal. We will let you know as soon as the servers across the site are updated and the new release is LIVE and public.

This version adds support for:

  • A1/Telekom
  • BellSouth Chile
  • Boost Mobile
  • CellularOne West
  • Comviq
  • Megafon Moscow
  • Metro PCS
  • MobileOne
  • Mobility
  • NTC Russia
  • Orange UK
  • Oskar Mobile
  • Pcom
  • Primtel Russia
  • Safaricom
  • Satelindo GSM
  • SCS-900
  • Simple Freedom
  • Smart PH
  • SouthernLINC
  • Tele2 - Lativa
  • Telenor
  • Telia Denmark
  • TIM Cellular
  • T-Mobile UK
  • Unicel
  • Vodafone Spain
  • Vodafone Italy
  • Vodafone Japan (Central)
  • Vodafone Japan (Higashi)
  • Vodafone Japan (Tokyo)
  • Vodafone UK

    This version fixes problems with:

  • Centennial Wireless
  • Estonia Mobile Telefone
  • PCS Rogers
  • Sprint PCS Short Mail
  • Telefonica Movistar
  • UMC
  • US Cellular

    This version removes support for:

  • uBoot

    Plus some internal changes to the code are included:

  • Underscore patch
  • Domain name patch
  • Show more detailed sendmail errors

    Specifics can be found under the ToDo List for each provider listed above and how support was based for this version.

    This release will also improve our ability to troubleshoot the cause of various errors, such as the infamous "email gateway" error we've all been seeing. This will aid in getting things back on track and give us more control when something "suddenly" stops working out of nowhere. That said, dont be alarmed if you still receive errors after the new code is live. We'll explain more about this when changes are live and public for users to access. It wont be too much longer. We promise. :)

    Thank you to everyone for all your input on the various changes, adds, problems, etc. that have gone into this update.

    iicarrii - idigital
    LJ::TextMessage Development Team
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