tl;dr (ee970) wrote in lj_textmessage,

j-phone : vodaphone japan

Hey, I just saw this feature today and it seems pretty cool. Unfortunately I can't seem to get it to work... I'm uncertain if it is because of the same problem of this post or different:

See, I live in Japan, and go through J-Phone (which is listed as supported). However, J-Phone was purchased by Vodafone back in... October? Either way, the way you have set up to send mails (phone number will not work anymore-- the mail addresses are

---> Question, does the 'phone number' box have to be a number? With Vodafone Japan one isn't required to have their mail address as their phone number and in fact many people (such as myself) don't use it.

---> also, something to keep in mind about J-Phone/Vodafone Japan... see the 't' in the mail address? that stands for the area of Japan you're in. If you're not around Tokyo then it won't be a T, but k or h or q or whatever. ...Geez, it sounds like it'd be a bitch to implement... maybe just put a note for lj users who don't live around Tokyo (eh, are there any??)

Well, good job, hope this helps some.
Tags: vodafone - japan/surrounding
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