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This has to do with MetroPCS:

I know that Metro PCS isn't listed but that it is in the To Do List and I should use "Other" until you get around to adding it, but I did notice one other thing that you may want to update. When I tested the text message by sending one to myself, it would only let me enter in 85 characters. My phone with MetroPCS lets me enter in 172 characters on a normal text message through my phone itself (not counting the phone number I enter, or my signature which is 8 characters so the total I guess would actually be 180).

I would like to know if this could be changed (from 85 to 180) at the same time as you do the other Update (or sooner since you seem to not have gotten around to an update lately at all). I don't know if the total characters allowed changes with each MetroPCS phone or not, or perhaps each Metro location since there are only a few service areas. Anyone else have one that can't do this many characters?

This would give me 2 times the amount of characters people could enter in a message to me which is quite a significant difference, so a change in the limit would be very nice.

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