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Update time

Hi everyone -

It's been months since we've communicated anything to you all and even longer since we have made any changes. There have been other side projects going on not to mention the fun involved in day-to-day life. :) At any rate, we apologize for the delay...and actually we're quite embarrassed things have gotten a little out of control.

Aaron and I will be working hard over the next couple weeks to get everything back in order around here and have the next update live for the New Year. After this coming weekend the ToDo List should show all the changes we will be working on. Its pretty much a mess right now as we are working to get things in some kind of order but we will get there.

If you're wondering what changes are going to be made, please wait until after this weekend to check out what we have on our plate. Ill repost once the ToDo List is up to date.

One more thing - some of you may have noticed we started screening comments in the community. This is just an attempt to have better control over what is happening in the community and to stay on top of everything. Occasionally we will run across comments from users that we never ever saw, so we are trying to prevent that.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. We will be in touch as we progress towards the next update.

Thank you for using LiveJournal.com!

iicarrii - idigital
LJ::TextMessage Development Team
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