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centennial wireless questions

Hi there! One of my friends(?) randomly decided to get me a paid account for Christmas, so here I am. I'm addicted to text messaging and... here goes. I'll do whatever I can to help you guys.

I'm with Centennial Wireless; I think the relay is listed as www.centennialcom.com, which redirects to www.centennialwireless.com now. There's a link in one of the menus to what they call the mobile message center; link - this one leads to this one, which has the... box to fill in. I'm not technical at all and I have a tendency to crash computers more often than I fix them, so when it comes to this level I'm confused. Whenever I try to send myself a text message from my user info, it gives me the error message -

There was some error contacting the user's text messaging service via its web gateway. The message was most likely not sent.

I'm thinking that it's because the web address has changed... what do you think?
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