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LJ::TextMessage 1.4 Released

Brad just posted the new code up on the server. Congrats, people, we made our first release. :)

You can read his announcement in the changelog.


Version 1.4 (2001-04-22)

- First community release
- Added uBoot service (tsutton)

Incidentally, I'd like some help from people who have ideas about how to improve the miscellaneous crap - things like the changes file, or the requirements file (new) or whatever... people who want to write an official test script (I wrote one, but it's ugly, I can post it if someone wants to clean it up). It's all boring stuff but it needs to get done. Yeah, I'll continue working on it on my own but as with all things, the more (help) the merrier. ;)

Now that I've laid the groundwork, though, the next release should be sweet. If it all works out I'm expecting that in about 2-3 weeks I'll be releasing v1.4.1 with support for another 4-5 providers. We should be able to easily crank out twice that many, but last time I guessed at 3-4 and we only got one working submission in time for release. So I'm going to be conservative in my estimations this time. :)

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