the familiar tang of deionised essence (klose) wrote in lj_textmessage,
the familiar tang of deionised essence

Text messaging for Pod (SingTel) users

Yeah, hi, I'm just a making a post with regards to this and this.

Pod, as I said, is a subsidiary of SingTel. Some SingTel users have a Pod-based subscription plan, others don't, and pod runs the hi!card (pre-paid) service...

Name of Service: Pod (SingTel Mobile) - Singapore
Address of recipient: Phone number
Limit on length of message: 160 characters
Additional information:
Some special characters (eg. [, ], &, %) may not be recognised by SMS and will result in truncated messages if used.
Not too sure if text messages will go out to other users, but it's safe to say that Pod subscribers will get it. ;)
No 3 digit SMS ID required.
I checked up the email thing, and I don't think there's any forwarding email address, but I could be wrong...

Thanks. :)

(I'm willing to help test out stuff, by the by, as is my compatriot bochup :))
Tags: singtel

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